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Daria Hass - Creative

Sharing creative work and collaborations

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My Vision

At Daria Hass - Creative, a lifetime of practice and development has now come to a point where it can be shared. My mission is to share my art journey as it develops. There's enough negativity it the world so I'm doing my little bit to add a little beauty, joy and delight to it through my art. Fill your life with joyous art works and joy will never be far away.

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My Story

Founded in 2021, Daria Hass - Creative is a friendly and supportive creative space that shares my artistic journey. After a lifetime of practice, observation and thoughtfulness it's time to share my artistic voice with the world.
Specifically not choosing any formal art study I've spent my years fostering my creative spark through working with pencil sketches, photography. After discovering acrylics as my preferred medium, I've spent years exploring colour and texture to create original pieces of work. I'm now working towards my first exhibition as well as working in collaboration with other artists.

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I am currently building up a body of work to present my first exhibition in 2022. More details to follow...


Coming Up...


I'm currently working with other creatives towards collaborations. More to follow...

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As an artist I'm creating room to dream, to inspire, to be inspired and to facilitate artistic growth. 

It is never to late to share your gifts with the world - the best time to start is right now.

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