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Mixed Media to create accents and texture

I'm focusing on the exploration and development of my acrylic work using a range of mixed media. I'm currently working on the use of recycled glass, including marbles and card.

3D glass accents


Daria Hass

Blekit (Blue)
Commission piece using reclaimed glass marbles.

Colour Study


Daria Hass

Using acrylics to blend colour as a base for creating a textured/3D piece.

3D - Sweet Peas and Butterflies


Daria Hass

This series develops the use of a blended background with detailed accents of sweet peas and painted card butterflies placed moving towards the right.



Daria Hass

Using acrylics and various acrylic mediums I use it to build texture within abstract pieces.

Mixed Media Acrylics: Portfolio
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